5 Effective Ways to Take Care of Smartphones to Stay Durable and Maintain Performance

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Effective Ways to Take Care of Smartphones to Stay Durable and Maintain Performance

Effective Ways to Take Care of Smartphones

How to Take Care of Smartphones to Be Sustainable Smartphones are a priority in human life. This means that even if it is only for a day, humans cannot be distinguished from smartphones. Moreover, the availability of this smartphone can help and simplify their daily activities.

Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of your smartphone so that it can be used permanently and functionally. And if you want a more durable smartphone, here’s sabineblog.com, see some of the details below.

1. Avoid using smartphone while charging

Do not use while your smartphone is charging

To maintain HP performance on the battery side, you should avoid using a smartphone while charging. Why can’t this be done? Because one of the tasks that can be used to reduce HP performance is to use a cellphone when the temperature is hot.

This is due to the fact that the application may overheat during the charging process or the processor may overheat and use too much RAM. Not only that, by using mobile phone charging, you can also slow down your internet connection.

2. Incorrect filling ratio

Take care of the battery by charging it properly

Most of us are aware that leaving our smartphone on a very low battery life will degrade battery performance and will not last long. And the implication here is don’t let your cellphone battery be empty or crowded.

To some extent, try to use a maximum of 40% glue, then fill it regularly. This is not without reason, but if your phone is a lithium type, it is better to charge it frequently than to leave it empty. Please note that this type of ratio is believed to be able to extend smartphone battery life. Do you know?.

3. Use extra screen protection

Use your smartphone screen protector

Crash on your smartphone requires extra protection for your smartphone screen. This is because if the smartphone is often tripped or scratched, it can be damaged quickly.

So use frosted glass to protect your smartphone screen to maintain the performance of your smartphone screen. This will reduce the risk of scratching or breaking the screen. As a backdrop, you can use a soft case that varies according to your needs.

4. Protect your smartphone from virus and malware attack

Protect your smartphone from virus attacks and messages

You need to pay attention to not only external protection but also internal protection. In essence, virus and malware attacks can damage applications and slow down smartphone performance. So you have to be careful about that.

You can use or install the best antivirus for your smartphone to avoid it. So the presence of the virus is detected and removed automatically. Remember, don’t try to download apps from the web as they often cause viruses and malware to damage your smartphone.

5. Keep your smartphone away from electronic devices and magnetic fields

Disconnect your smartphone from electronics and magnets

Try to keep your smartphone away from electronic devices and other magnetic fields so that the screen works longer and longer. This is because smartphone screens may be less sensitive to magnetic fields generated by electronic devices.

And when the screen sensitivity decreases, the smartphone screen quickly breaks. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the layout of your smartphone. Don’t be less than your full potential.

Here’s the explanation. Here are 5 ways to maintain the durability and performance of your smartphone. Keep your smartphone as strong as possible so you don’t have to change phones in a short time.

Effective Ways to Take Care of Smartphones to Stay Durable and Maintain Performance

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