The 10 Steps Keeping your PC Up and Running Safe and computer’s performance.

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The 10 Steps Keeping your PC Up and Running Safe and computer’s performance.

Keeping your PC Up and Running

Steps to Keeping your PC Up and Running – Here are ten steps you can take to increase the security of your computer. Learn how to get rid of the virus so you don’t get infected, this article is a must read!

Here’s how to combine them for use with your Windows password. Choose a long password that contains both uppercase and lowercase letters. Increase your security, including number one or two. Having a Windows password means that the only people who can log into Windows sessions are the people you gave them.

Your password manager may not write down your password. Always use the same password and make it easy for hackers to access your personal information. So if you can’t write and you don’t write

You should use the same – how can you keep track of all your passwords? The easiest way to do this is to use a password manager. We prefer to use robophors. Roboform is an easy-to-use profile and password manager that fits into your Internet Explorer toolbar and keeps track of all your passwords. Roboform uses a core password system. You will have one password that accesses all the passwords in the program. This way you can keep all your information safe and secure. You can download Roboform for free at

Spyware Remover Spyware is the Internet’s biggest problem after spam. Literally, spyware is “any software that surreptitiously collects user information without the user’s knowledge of the Internet connection, usually for advertising purposes. Once installed, spyware

It monitors user activity on the Internet and then sends that information to others in the background. Spyware can collect information about email addresses and passwords and credit card numbers. The amount of spyware on your computer depends on the amount of Internet browsing you do. A good guide here is to check your spyware once a week or when poor system performance occurs. If you don’t have a spyware scanner, we recommend

Antivirus is not noticed, but if your computer is connected to the Internet, you will need anti-virus software. You need to protect yourself from most threats, weekly checks, and program updates. For further protection, we

Recommend using more than one anti-virus scanner.

Firewall Firewalls prevent unwanted visitors from leaving your computer. You can access the firewall using a software application such as ZoneAlarm or Black Ice Defender or using a router with your Internet connection. For more information about routers, please visit

File sharing Basically, file sharing programs are the only major security risk you face. This is because the only facts you have about the file you are downloading are the filename and file size. It’s easy to change filenames to trick someone into downloading a virus or other malware. Our advice – Avoid sharing files at all costs. If you want to use it, make sure you have updated and installed anti-virus software.

Research in a sentence – find out what’s in there. have a good service section on their website. Knowing what a virus is and how to get rid of it will make you a smarter Internet user.

Email Protection Most anti-virus applications available provide email scanning. If not, here’s a new product just for you! Email Scan ensures that all your incoming and outgoing emails are safe for you and the recipients. Email viruses spread quickly using your address book. Never read emails from strangers and always make sure your email scanner is turned on.

Network Security Another way to spread viruses is through computer networks. We have some quick tips for securing your network. Always scan files from other computers. Even if you take the files home. Never allow files to be stored on your network until they are available

Scanned. The primary file sharing server must be the only computer enabled. By not allowing computer users to transfer files, you can quickly eliminate the threat.

Maintenance Weekly virus and spyware scans are a long way to keep your computer safe. Weekly breakdowns greatly improve performance. If you put in the effort, you will be rewarded with a computer that works safely and securely. Not to mention a bit of a headache!

The 10 Steps Keeping your PC Up and Running Safe and computer’s performance.


By following these ten steps, you will greatly improve the performance of your computer . You will also find peace of mind when you experience a new sense of security.