How to Reduce Photo Size on PC and Android

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How to Reduce Photo Size on PC and Android

How to reduce photo size on PC and Android – Sometimes when you want to send a photo in soft copy, you are often constrained because the photo size is too large. Photos should be minimized first to increase the soft copy supply.

Also, you should be aware that reducing the file size can improve the performance of some applications or web pages that you manage. Why? Very simple.

This is because image optimization is one of the requirements to speed up the blog upload process. Therefore, image optimization is still considered important by reducing the size.

So, how do you reduce the size of the photo?

Is it difficult to reduce the photo size?
How to reduce photo size on PC and Android

For ordinary people, they may be a little confused about how to pack a jpg under 100 Kb and how to fix the image.

In fact, there are so many free tools and applications available for compression. Both offline and offline. You can compress on HP.

If you want to compress images easily, you can start using an image compression website. But there are also applications that can be used if you want to compress offline.

Well, here we explain how to reduce the size of photos on PC and Android, as well as sites that you can visit to compress images.

Websites used to reduce photo size on PC and Android
Compressing images using a website or image reduction site has its own advantages.

Because one of them is easy to use. No need to research or take steps to reduce photo size. You just need to upload and the site will automatically compress the photos.

You just need to drag and drop. Another advantage of using a website to reduce the size of a photo is that it works on both PC and Android at the same time. You can access it not only on Android but also on iPhone.

1. Small PNG

You may have heard of PNG, one of the most popular online image compression sites.

Even though it’s called PNG, this site can be used to compress files with the JPG extension. This site can reduce file size by up to 70% and has a Lost based compression method.

Another advantage of TinyPNG is that it can compress up to 20 images with a maximum of 5 MB. In particular, TinyPNG can be used as a Photoshop plugin, but it is not free. TinyPNG costs around $50 to purchase.


Most people don’t know about because the compression site is still relatively new. This website is free and very easy to operate.

In addition, the use of this site can be used for 4 different file extensions. Starting with JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG. There is an option to suffer loss or loss during compression.

Another advantage of this site is that it has a large file size, which is around 10 MB.

3. Optimization

This is the third site used for compressing images. Use installation files up to 20 MB in high-quality but low-quality JPEG and PNG formats.

You can preview it before downloading it on this website.

4. JPEGMini

JPEGMini is another site that is used to compress images but retain their quality.

5. Yahoo

As the name implies, this is a product made by Yahoo! You can zip the download while you do bulk compression here and it supports multiple files from GIF, JPEG to PNG.

How to reduce photo size without app
Well, here’s how to do it properly without HP. Again, this method can be used on both HP and PC. Of course by using the website above.

Here’s a lesson you can follow:

Go to one of the compression sites listed earlier. It can be opened on your laptop, PC or smartphone.

There are several sites that you can choose from with File Upload or drag and drop options.

After the upload is complete, the site will be compressed automatically

After the compression process is complete, you can download it directly

Here are some sites you can visit:












How to reduce photo size on PC/Laptop with the application

If you want to do the compression yourself, then there are many ways you can do it. And this tutorial is for those of you who have a PC or laptop.

1. How to color a photo
Here are some steps you can take:

If you don’t have this app yet, please download it first.
Open the app.
Insert the image you want to reduce the size of. You can also open the image directly by right-clicking and selecting